Sunday, 7 November 2010

Matt Eaton - Solo Exhibition Nov 6 - Dec 2

Matt Eatons mesmerizing, distressed and layered artworks come from his exploration of his surroundings, when moving around from city to city. While trying to find some familiarity and comfort in these new places, he became fascinated with local signage, lettering and advertising.

This quickly led to a deep admiration for graffiti and the layers of old ads plastered on walls of buildings and subway tunnels. The decay of once new and seemingly important information and how quickly it is forgotten and plastered over have become a major theme in his work. This imagery became a travelling companion of sorts, never having to be left behind and waiting to be enjoyed in every new place he found himself with bright friendly colours and interesting new themes.

His work is on solo exhibit at 323east, now until the 2nd of December. For more on Matt Eaton check out the 323east site here.

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