Thursday, 24 February 2011

Charlie Le Mindu

Charlie Le Mindu is a haute coiffure which basically means he creates amazing hair styles that so transcend the average salon and take hair into a strikingly new fashion extravaganza. This season showed his naked and famous part 2 that previewed at ON/OFF, a birth place for the unique and individual. Alongside the hair covered shoes, that looked more like horses hoofs, were some great clothes, such as a see through poncho with fur trim or a full length lace veil. The styling seemed political but theatrics were the main event, with the opening model being covered in what looked like blood and the word 'violence' adorned her head. To finalise the quite shocking catwalk, Le Mindu himself bowed in a blood stained butchers apron that left a macabre feeling.

Luckily a good friend, Shaun Cox, was at the show to witness and photograph this phenomenal event. Here are a few of mine and his favourite images. 

Its not only us that is trumpeting about Le Mindu's success, right now he is doing a live Q & A on the Volt Cafe, Volt Magazines online site.

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