Thursday, 24 February 2011

A fun-filled funfair of art and the such, with the Shunt collective

The ICA is running a fun filled funfair of art and the such, with the Shunt collective, as part of their live weekends.

Shunt have been creating art and performance in unusual places around London since 1998, and will be taking over the ICA ground floor gallery, foyer, cinema and bar for this event. It’s all free, so why not pop down and have a look around.

“Building upon three years of vibrant and exciting programming at their former home, the Shunt Vaults, members of the Shunt collective invite artists to animate the ICA's ground floor with a fun fair of events, from tattoo parlours to pheasants, sewing machine races to passionate love bullets”.

They opened yesterday, and will be running till the 27th of February, for more info click here.

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