Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Veteran New York graffiti writer Lee Quinones leads artists (not including Blu) in painting mural on Geffen

The north wall of MOCA's Geffen Contemporary, the site of an antiwar mural by the Italian artist Blu that the museum had quickly and controversially whitewashed late last year, is getting a new look. New York graffiti legend Lee Quinones has organized a team of street artists to do a new mural on the exterior wall facing Temple Street. Scaffolding is up now, with a couple of images in progress, and work is expected to be completed next week, before the April 17 opening of the “Art in the Streets” exhibition at the Geffen.

“I could have done this wall on my own, and I haven’t really collaborated with other artists like this before,” Quinones said, reached on site Thursday afternoon with cans of spray paint near his feet and paint flecks covering his clothes and face. “But for me to do it alone might have been a diss to Blu."


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