Sunday, 26 June 2011

The birth of beauty

A designers illustrations are the birth place for the beautiful creations that strut so wonderfully down the catwalks in London, Paris or even Moscow, where Alexander Terekhov shows. He is my designer lust of the moment, with gorgeous silk dresses or chiffon shirts, all pieces seem feminine with a slight 40's masculine edge. The winter collections are dark and moody with fur stoles that make me want to coo 'from Russia with love.' Whereas the summer collections are whimsical with lighter colours, bat prints and floaty skirts. 

However what is so endearing about the collections is the fact that you can see the direct links from the sketchbook to the various collections by the handy online sketchbook on his website. The illustrations capture those dark moods or whimsy prints so well with smooth pen like strokes and angular shapes. Yes Terekhov's designs are wonderful but what makes his work so memorable are his beautiful illustrations, the babies.

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