Thursday, 9 June 2011


"This is the first time since the design studio Hort explain our work. Not the work we have done for our clients,  but work can call our own. We worked with the music industry since our inception, illustrating the personalities of musicians and groups at the same time we created visual connections with his music and he listened.  So, after 17 years, decided to start our own group, The Band Hort. The philosophy is simple Hort Band: This is to ensure that each performance is unique. We have created characters, we have designed your outfit and have developed a whole visual world around them.  It is not about selling records, but to create and share moments with people. Hort exposure is a showcase of works created by current and former members of Hort, where Hort own world of The Band is the main source of inspiration. "The Hort Band will perform on Thursday, June 9 at 20 h. We invite you to join this time. READ MORE

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