Monday, 19 September 2011

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has begun and there are some very exciting things happening this year. A few things that stood out for me from my day on Sunday were the new up and coming designers involved with the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition at the Freemasons Hall in Holborn, Covent Garden. The work of Manuela Dack and Edward Finny in particular had some inspiring film displays that showed the movement, form and use of colour in their garments. With Edward Finny creating a striking film where the garment the model wore bleed black ink all down a white skirt an interesting and creative twist to the display and even to the function of clothes! He has taken some inventive and inspired risks and by doing this, has taken one design and made it two, In terms of the dress starting out in one form and ending in another.

Another favourite was the work of  Jungeun Lee  She uses synthetic materials and threads to create moulded garment forms shaped around different surfaces. The out come is a collection that has so much potential as a garment and as piece of art. Her collection resembles paper craft and peppier mache but finished and presented in a sophisticated form. All this and more can be seen on the Vauxhall Fashion Scout website. If have the opportunity to see this exhibition in person or to visit any shows during Fashion Week I highly recommend you do so.

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