Friday, 3 August 2012

Lune and Tide, Burning Man 2012 - Honorarium Project. by Enrique Vasquez

Our Project Our 2012 Burning Man honorarium project takes the shape of a huge air borne moon and a rotating tidal platform. On the PlayaOn the Playa LUNE Lune is an 8m diameter helium filled moon sculpture that will float on high at Black Rock City in the Nevada desert. The sculpture is lit internally. Full lune at nightFull lune at night The moon has always had a hold over us, it’s long been associated with insanity and mania; the word lunacy comes from the Latin name for the Moon, Luna. Our moon is simply a totem reminder of the temporary madness, mania, delight and delinquency that you experience in the modern festival environment or locations set up for hedonistic play.

It celebrates a break, a time out. At night our moon will create a mirror affect with the real celestial body, emphasizing this idea of paralleled time and place, a break from ordinary formula and routine. The best part of Lune is that YOU can change the moon’s phase and color. This internal lighting system will allow the individual illumination of segments of the moon to give the effect of it’s changing phases. It is a remote control celestial body, a 90’s game show live on earth, you can take the lunar remote and alter the moons phase from a crescent to half to full moon. The moon’s colour can also be altered from white to blue to red and all the hues in between. As participants will be able to control this, it will possibly give them the power to change the mood of the surrounding viewers or their own environment.


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