Monday, 10 December 2012

Brand Watch - Velvet Johnstone

We've been watching this brand for a little while and seen them grow into a very dynamic design leader in... read on

Velvet Johnstone is an East London based womanswear label establishing a genuine niche for itself in the world of contemporary luxury fashion, creating modern and seductive work through innovative design and complex pattern cutting.

Fusing luxurious and hi-tech new fabrics and styling with the harder, masculine edge of tailoring to create complex yet feminine collections and bespoke designs
for private clients in the know.

inspired by the female form to accentuate either sympathetically or in contrast, to complement the individual, both physically and personality. .. perfecting a dress to significantly portray a character, giving a confidence within self or in creating a desired persona. 

vj in XO magazine.... Photography by Leoni Blue. styling by Faye Heran..


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