Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Other risks to our Oceans

 You my be surprised to learn that over fishing, non-sustainable fishing methods and the hunting of various fish and ocean mammals are not the only threats to our Oceans or even to the environmental wellbeing and preservation of the Earth itself.  Another big threat is new plans and proposals for more offshore oil drilling and the devastating effect the oil industry has on our oceans and coastline. Greenpeace have reported and set up a campaign to prevent the new drilling of deep water oil off the coast of the Shetland islands by two oil companies Hess and Chevron and have included a rather gruesome image of what a potential spill my look like if plans go ahead for these drillings. The image is an estimate projection provided by Hess themselves!?  Over the next few days there will be a public open consultation about these issues, so get involved and have your say. Enough is enough!

 Credit: Greenpeace Hess' own projection of a possible spill. Terrifying.

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