Monday, 13 June 2011

Tea in Brighton with a Paper Stylists.

A few weekends ago a friend and I travelled down to Brighton in search of a sunny seaside experience. Unfortunately it wasn't so sunny and more windy but the seaside experience won out, with traditional fish and chips and a stroll along the pier. We also had a lovely cup of tea in a cute cafe in 'the lanes' with a fantastic woman called Lou Taylor, who is a very talented paper stylist and illustrator. Maybe you haven't come across a paper stylist before seeing as the term is pretty new but no less important in the modern world of illustration. Rob Ryan is the most prolific pioneer of this talent, with his work showing at the 'pick me up' exhibition at Somerset House and also being used in fashion magazines like Elle.

Having interned with Rob Ryan, Lou Taylor’s work is just as delicate and intricately detailed with a kitsch feel. She has created some stunning alphabet eyelashes for twenty6 magazine which seem to flutter like butterfly’s. As well as making all paper sets which look good enough to eat! This kind of work is so intricate that you must have the patience of a saint to have to keep your hand so steady and move at such an even pace. I know I wouldn't be able to cope but for Lou its a labor of love, a job she enjoys doing and will continue to explore. There is talk of more fashion work and adding to her lovely archive which you can see on her website.

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