Tuesday, 30 April 2013

American Gothic

Designer Rick Owens moved from California to Paris a decade ago, bringing his signature blend of glamour and grunge to the namesake fashion and furniture lines he launched there—and inspiring legions of fans and imitators. An exclusive look inside his Paris home. (Photography by Fran├žois Halard)
Designer Rick Owens's home office in Paris—formerly the office of Francois Mitterrand when the building served as the headquarters for the Socialist Party in France—is furnished with a taxidermic monkey and Owens's Alchemist chairs.
A sculpture by Horst Egon Kalinowski in the meeting room
A brass-topped table by Owens
 The Owens-designed bed is pine plywood covered in cashmere felt.
 RAW EDGES | Owens leans against a concrete sink in a bathroom he designed.
 HEAD SPACE | An installation of objects on Owens's desk includes a skull and Roc crystals.
A daybed covered in suede with a sable blanket, both by Owens, whose designs are sold through Salon 94 in New York City and Gallerie Pierre-Marie Giraud in Brussels.
  Owens's minimalist shower
 BOOK SMART | In the library, the couch, triangular stool and shelving are his designs

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