Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sophie Bramly - Gallary 12 Mail - 1981 & +

 It has not forgotten the rap, but it has perhaps forgotten, for the very young, that was the birth of the hip-hop movement, Afrika Bambaataa, Futura, Kurtis Blow. These funny cool guys, headed and tracksuit 3-band. Then, from the scratch, strong voices and especially the attitudes to the more unusual dances which clung to the asphalt…. Outside music and considerations of bands, youth has generated a strong in those years signage, in the dark recesses of the Bronx where to risk beyond the 125th street, needed be frankly brave. Jogging earned its stripes since, but also the Kangol hats and sunglasses to large branches of Cazals. This is a bit of this epic that tells Sophie Bramly, photographer at the time in New York and describe, in detail and to embrace the world of these bands emerging of a New York shared between Uptown still little cleaned, more living and a Bronx under high vigilance. His work is not social, but it is almost painterly, with a science to detail where the lace of a shoe, a thick shoelace tells as much as a portrait capturing this youth. Sophie Bramly exposes this work to the Gallery 12mail, the opportunity to find an Edition limited to 500 copies of these images… best. 

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